HDZero Goggle Review Published!

I’ve just published my review of the HDZero Goggle, and it’s worth a look if you’re interested in this FPV goggle. From all of the testing I’ve done, I’m very impressed with everything I see and only found a few small things to complain about–this is an incredible product. Go check it out and see what you think.

Two other bits of news:

  1. The next batch of goggles should be available for order starting now (or soon after this post goes live). You can buy it from the HDZero store (that’s an affiliate link–please use it if you buy the goggles, it supports me at no cost to you) and they will be shipping goggles from both the US and China, so you should receive them in a reasonable timeframe.
  2. The goggle is actually dropping in price, from $600 to $495! Existing customers will receive store credit at the HDZero store, in the amount of $105 for regular preorders and $79 for beta orders. This is a surprising move and a really aggressive price that puts this goggle in strong competition against the Skyzone 04X, Orqa FPV.One, and other premium FPV goggles.

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