HDZero Goggle

The HDZero Goggle was announced in January 2022 and opened preorders in November 2022, with beta units going out in late November and production units scheduled to go out in December 2022.

On this page, I’ll collect various information about the HDZero Goggle that you might find useful, such as my test results, recommended accessories, useful links, and any news about the Goggle.

HDZero Goggle Full Review

My review of the HDZero Goggle, covering functionality, design, and my experience using it. Is this your next FPV goggle?

Recommended Accessories for the HDZero Goggle

My recommendations for what to buy for your HDZero Goggle, including antennas, battery, and more.

HDZero Goggle: My First Impressions

My first impressions of the build quality, comfort, displays, and other aspects of the HDZero Goggle.