My FPV Gear

Although I’m continually testing new FPV products and evolving my personal setup, here is some of the gear I’m particularly enjoying right now. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, and if you don’t see something listed here, it might just mean I don’t have an opinion on it. But feel free to ask me if you have any questions about the gear I use!

Note: The product links on this page are affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you purchase products through these links. For more information, see my affiliate link policy.

Radio and Receivers

I prefer the gamepad-style radios, and I’m excited that we finally have multiple options with ELRS built in. I listed both the Zorro and T-Pro because I still haven’t decided which of these I prefer and I still fly with both regularly. The Zorro has better stick ergonomics, but suffers from short battery life. I prefer the grips of the T-Pro and it offers longer battery life and up to 1W of output power, but the sticks are positioned higher and aren’t quite as comfortable to use.

As far as radio protocol, I’m all in on ELRS. I think it’s the best control link in FPV right now, with the perfect mix of range, low latency, and affordable price. I have been using the Happymodel EP1 and EP2 receivers in almost all of my builds, and have been very pleased with their performance.

Goggles and Video

I’m convinced the Skyzone Sky04X is the best goggle we’ve seen yet. It has class-leading specs for FOV and image quality, is well-designed, includes a great DVR, and comes with a very good analog module. It’s also by far the best choice if you’re using HDZero, due to its support for native 4:3 over HDMI and ability to take up to 6S battery voltage input.

For video link, I’m big on HDZero. I prefer it for its low latency, lower cost (including the ability to use my existing FPV goggles), and ability to use on whoops and micro drones, which are most of what I fly. I’ve been using the HDZero Whoop VTX on most of my builds, and enjoy both the HDZero Micro V2 and Foxeer Digisight 3 for cameras.

Battery Chargers

I mostly fly whoops and micros, so my battery charging needs are less than those who fly 6S-capable drones. I typically need to charge multiple batteries at once, but don’t need particularly high wattage to do it. For that use, the ToolkitRC M4Q is a perfect fit. It offers 4 independent outputs and supports up to 4S batteries, which is all I need. It’s been superseded by the ToolkitRC Q4AC, which offers higher current output and a faster processor.

For travel, I use the ToolkitRC M4AC. I like having a second charger because I can keep it packed up and ready to go, and the M4AC is ideal for charging on the go. I can easily charge multiple batteries using a balance charging board, and this charger is small and silent, so it’s never in the way.